In the following series of drop-down menus you will choose seven essential elements to give you the bare bones of a story about a planetary-scale climate shift.

Climate Shift



First Action

Climate-induced Extreme Event

Second Action



Once upon a time, there was a planet. Due to
the climate began to shift.
realized that this shift threatened planetary life, but because of
it was hard to mobilize action. For a while everyone
. But then climate extremes became unbearable. More and more
documented all over the planet, so they collectively decided to
. While this seemed to work for a while, their initial success revealed what no one had previously suspected:

About Climate Story Generator

Climate change occurs on a slow scale, the effects of fossil fuel consumption are displaced across large distances, and climate is an abstraction that requires us to average weather over decades. But it is also essential that we understand the time-scales and narratives of climate shifts. A playful step in thinking about these problems, this online story generator invites the viewer to choose from options that create a narrative structure about planetary-scale climate shifts. Instead of focusing on the difficulty of representing climate change in art and literature, the piece points to how science fiction and fantasy have been telling climate stories for decades, while allowing the reader to come up with their own unique climate story. With only seven decisions, this one piece can generate over four million possible climate stories.

Iā€™d like to thank Benjamin Engel (@Ben_Bionic) for his help on the code for this project.