R Workshop

Elizabeth Callaway



1)    Participants will leave with R and R Studio installed on their computers.

2)    I will introduce participants to the layout of R Studio and what the different panes show.

3)    Participants will be able to later run the code I have provided on “corpuses” of txt files suited to their interests.

4)    Participants will be able to tweak my code to make it appropriate to their own interests/ texts.

5)    Having played around with R, participants should leave comfortable enough to pick up a book and learn to write their own simple code, if you want.  The book I learned from: Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature by Matthew Jockers. (The library has 2 copies).


Installing R and R Studio

Go to https://cran.r-project.org

Click on the link that is appropriate for your operating system.

Go to https://www.rstudio.com

Click download


Downloading the Supporting Materials

Now you will need to get the code and materials I have prepared for this class. Share via dropbox.




We are going to now do a follow-along through two different ways of doing word counts across documents and a topic model.


When you get home, you can use the exact same folder I have here, and code. If you delete my txt files from the corpus folder, and instead put in your own, you can run my exact code with no alterations on your set of documents! Just be sure to keep the “R Workshop” folder on your desktop with everything in it, as is.